I hadn't applied this as a general population idea but maybe getting older changes the way people wear black, wether with grey hair or not.

I have black only in shoes and handbags now, and no white, which I used to wear a lot of.

Maybe it's more about skin tone? An Intensity of contrast that can exaggerate irregularities in the complexion?

Yes, I can see how the other colours would help to 'warm up' the black on you.

Good point about funerals actually - not sure what I would wear if I had to attend a western one now (since I no longer own any black) - is dark brown somber enough?

I was sure I was going to phase out black with aging and replace it with navy. I have just recently come to realise my silver hair and black tops look really good. In my case the contrast is working in my favour.

@Zaeobi: IMHO, any dark plain outfit is fine for a traditional Western funeral. So much better than the short black club ready dresses I’ve seen younguns wear.

Yep any dark outfit works for a funeral. And Donna you wear black with the best!