Aida--Nothing so bad about it, and I used to think it would be fun, too. After all, I was an eccentric young lady! Now, though, in my mid-60s, as I see older women being patronized and generally not taken seriously, I find that preserving a bit of dignity has become more important to me.

I prefer to change my look with bags and accessories. As I see a good luxury bag can turn any simple look to the trendy fashion side.
I have one Tiffany scarf that cost me a fortune. Even with 50% discount from
But when I wear it, I feel like a princess, and it can make any look


I'm a minimal maximalist. Mini-maxi?

Anyway, what I mean is -- I tend to prefer clean lines. I don't dislike layers, per se -- for instance, I like to layer a jacket or pullover over a shirt, or a scarf over a pullover. But that's pretty much the extent of it, and that can only be done at certain times in the year. Too many visible layers, lots of jewellery, or even too hectic a pattern or too obvious a texture feels and looks "off" on me.

And yet -- I love pattern mixing! Admittedly, my mixes are probably on the tame side -- stripes with florals or plaids or like colours with like. But it's still one way of going a bit more maximal.

Another is drama. Aida already referred to this. Maybe the whole outfit is grey or navy but the collar is exaggerated, the shoes are pointy, the textures are varied.

I like the jewellery advice, too. You don't need to pile it on if you make each piece chunky and give it importance.