I have wavy hair, and I've been looking for products to help encourage the natural texture while being 1) inexpensive 2)eco-friendly (mostly because I hate thinking about how much of my hair products just go down the drain at the end of the day) and 3)effective the whole day. I was tooling around on the internet about different "beach sprays" that help enhance the waves, and sea salt seems to be the main contributor to those products. (Lightbulb appearing above my head...)

This morning I mixed a tablespoon of sea salt with about a cup of warm water in a spray bottle, and I liberally spritzed it in, then scrunched my hair, drying it partially with a diffuser and then letting it air dry. It really helped! It was one of my best hair days in a long while! I know there have been a few threads on textured hair, and wanted to share. Has anyone tried this before?

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