So here goes another item from my large wardrobe analysis list. This post will have two parts - the actual colors I have in my wardrobe, and the color combinations I am planning to wear this fall.

For those who are into color type analysis, I am self proclaimed Cool (True) Summer. My personal estimate is that I am about 75% Cool Summer and 25% Soft Summer, based on looking at the color palettes and how those colors look on me. Pretty much all the colors from The Cool Summer work well, even the strongest ones do not look off. I can even borrow a lot of colors from it's sister season, Cool (True) Winter. A lot of the warmer colors from the Soft Summer do not look good on me at all, despite people usually thinking at first I am Soft Summer because of my coloring ( dark ash blonde hair, very pale skin, but icy pale blue eyes). Anyway, I do not take this too seriously and this level of analysis works well enough - I am not interested in taking it further and deeper.

Part I:

I haven't started the edit the actual clothes in my closet yet, but it is well organized and provides a great opportunity to look at colors in it in general. I have a lot of "my neutrals", which are white/cream, all shades of grey including charcoal, navy/ink, black, a little olive (cooler versions) and some taupe. I have noticed that a small percentage of my creams has a bit of the yellow undertone which is not flattering, so I need to stay away from those in the future. I am fine with black - it is a good though not my best color, and I like wearing it in reasonable amount. Most of my black items are either very special, like the new TT coat from NAS, or super basic, like a simple black cashmere turtleneck. I have very little tan/brown in my closet. Most of the tans/cognacs are leather accessories, such as shoes, bags and belts, which I like how they look with blue denim. I have only two truly brown items, and they are both bitter chocolate/cool brown - a lovely Soia&Kyo wool coat and tall flat brown suede boots. They always get some wear in the winter though never a lot, but I hope to purposefully aim for more than usual wear this season, as brown seems to be coming back strongly. I do not have the desire to add any more brown though. If I need to add some neutrals this season, I would strongly try to find some more ink.

When it comes to non-neutrals, there are a couple of color groups. I have a lots of blue in pretty much every possible shade, especially since I wear lots of denim. I also have lots of pinks, plums, purples and berries, as well as burgundies. These two seem to be my major color groups. I have very little red that is not burgundy, and those are mostly deeper, blue-based reds. There is almost no yellow, orange and coral, I even stay away from warmer pinks. I do have a couple of items in these "bad" colors bought on purpose for fun combos, such as the famous tomato red cropped pants or a pair of coral flats to punch up my blue denim. They are fun on occasion, but not something I wear regularly. To my surprise, I have realized that I have almost no green in my wardrobe either, and I do not know why that is, since I really like blue based/cool greens and they suit me well. There are a couple of mint items I wear in spring and one hunter green silk blouse, and that is it. There are a bunch of items in the aqua/turquoise family, but I consider those blues with just a touch of green. Finally, teal is one of my best colors and I used to have a lot of it, but there isn't much left. I would like to purposefully try to add more teal, especially since I am very excited about couple of slightly unusual color combos to do with it. I am not sure what do do about green, whether I should try to add some or just leave the situation evolve organically.

Part II:

When it comes to color combos to wear this season beyond the obvious one or two neutrals + one color, I have organized them in three families, and they almost all feature blush/light pink. Thus I won't spend time on obvious pairings such as burgundy+charcoal with possible addition of black.

The first family all started with navy+burgundy+blush combo Angie posted as an ensemble last season. I am super excited about it and hope to wear a lot of it. Then last season I bought a scarf that was olive+burgundy+blush, and realized I love that too. And another one that was navy+burgundy+ pale blue (photo #1). Then I realized these color combos could be represented by the image in photo #2, where you pick 3 - two darks and one pastel out of 5. Some combos would be more obvious, when the pastel has its matching dark, like the navy+burgundy+blush. Some would be a bit more unusual, like olive+navy+blush,when the pastel is missing the dark from its color family but I have seen it on some clothing items and it looks really cool. Any two colors out of those five together would work well too. Finally, there are some darker derivatives I have seen with cobalt replacing light blue or black replacing navy (#3). I can even imagine some equivalents with hot pink replacing blush, but did not bother making another photo.

The second color combo family is much simpler, it simply means wearing pastels, that is blush and pale blue, with black (#4). The combo may be softened with an a addition of white, pale grey or silver. This was inspired by a bunch of recent ensembles Angie posted as well as looking at the runway shows and it looks really fresh to my eye.

The final family revolves around teal in two color combo groups. The fist one is lots of fun and I saw it in couple of places lately, with blush/light pink, and maybe some tan/toffee to soften it up (#5 and #6) . The second one is one of my favorite color palettes of all times and I mentioned it earlier in the spring, in involves combining shades of teal with shades of purple, and may add greys or navies to anchor. (#7 and #8). Thus these are strong incentive to try and find more teal.

ETA: I forgot to mentioned something and then remembered when commenting on another maroon thread. I really want to try head-to-toe shades of burgundies/berries too as Shopbop recommends as one of the major trends for the season :

If you made it so far, you are are a trooper. In a nutshell, I plan to wear lots of blush, burgundy/berries, blue in all shades and teal in interesting color combos this season.

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