FWIW, I could totally see these working for you, if you style them YOUR way. The striped turtleneck could get tucked into a pencil skirt and layered under a blazer. The velvet leggings could be treated as tights to keep you warm under skirts and boots. The black dress might be good as a long layering tee/tunic. And of course the hats are really cute and would keep you warm.

But you have to like them enough to do this work experimenting with your clothes. If you don't like them at all, then you just don't like them. Could you ask your mom for the receipt, saying you need a new size? Then you could exchange for larger sizes or for something more your speed - cardis? layering camis?

It is an awkward situation, no question, but it seems like she did try. :T

Aw. It's sweet that she tried! My mom gave up giving me clothes for gifts years ago (since I'm so "picky"...her word). I received a lovely Nordstrom gift card this year.

Natalie, I think the hats are so cute and you may get wear out of the leggings if they are not too tight. Maybe gently suggest to your mum that next time it could be fun to go shopping together when she wants to buy you clothing. That way it can be a shared experience, time spent together, and you get to chose and try on first.