nemosmon: Thank you. I only wear scarves for warmth in the winter and for sun protection in winter but I'm out every day so I thought it would be fun to have a selection.

shevia: Thank you. You would look good in this hat, for sure.

slim cat: Thank you.

Brooklyn: You both are welcome to join me. The reddish and olive pairs of joggers are from Athleta and have articulated legs for rock climbing, which I hope never to have to do, the black OTF pants from Lululemon are probably a size too big, and the black Athleta pants probably fit that way because they are too long.

celia: Thank you. Interesting about your Merrill boot"s instep not fitting you, my instep is high and I love the fit so I guess it must be high.

Robin F: We love this stretch of the beach because it's so uncrowded. Most people gather one the beaches south near town or north at the dog beach. It's usually just us, the surfers, and a few locals.

lyn67: The only time we meet people close up is on the path through the dunes so I carry a mask for that part of the walk. Sometimes, I'll wear it if it's cold and windy because I have a bit of asthma.

kellygirl: Thank you.

Ledonna M: Thank you. Yes to hats and scarves!! Walking is essential, isn't it?

Suz: Thank you. I was going for a bit more coordination in color and glad you noticed. I do look forward to getting dressed in my colorful walking wardrobe.

Hi Bonnie, thank you for the info.

You look ready for the elements. Can you layer those short puffers under longer coats if you need to?

celia & Joy: Thank you. Layering short puffers under longer coats looks great and I really should give it a try. Right now, I'm really sticking close to home so will wait until I get my second vaccine and things open up.

I love these, especially the fun scarves! Sounds like you've had some great walking adventures.