As I was putting away laundry last night, I was shocked to realize I've become a duplicator without even realizing it.

Photo 1: Linen-blend tunic tees. I bought three of these and, arguably, should probably have just gotten two. I've tracked 27 wears of the black one, 20 of the maroon, and only 6 of the olive.

Photo 2: Athleta v-neck tunics. I don't consistently track wears on gear-specific purchases, but I've been wearing these each at least once a week for years. I wish I'd gotten more.

Photo 3: Lucky Brand silk tunics. One probably would have been enough. I've worn the burgundy 12x and the yellow print 6x.

Finds 1/2: UO slippers. I got two pairs of these Mary Janes. Unfortunately, they fit differently, and I forgot how they break in with wear. I'll wear both, but I wish I'd gotten two pairs of the black velvet instead of trying to be different.

Find 3: Black button-down. Bought this to be a part of my "work uniform," but it turned out to make a perfect nightshirt, so I duplicated in the same color. Worn 8x for day-wear so far (I track exact dupes by adding their costs together and tracking them as a single item.) There will be more wear, so no regrets.

Find 4: Boden V-neck Ravello. Bought in both black and ivory. I've worn the ivory 6x and the black 4x. They're fairly new, though, so I expect some longevity. No regrets.

Finds 5-7: Same jeans, different colors. I've worn the blue 61x, burgundy 24x, and black 8x. I sort of regret the black.

Not shown: I have four of the same black tank top from Duluth Trading Co (and three more in different colors), three of the same black pajama shorts from Target, three of the same style leggings (in different colorways) from Athleta. No regrets on any of these, except that I think I'd prefer all black leggings.

I had no idea I'd become so consistent in my shopping. Seriously, when did that happen?

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