Is there a place in your closet for eccentric garments or accessories? I can think of a few YLF’ers who bravely incorporate unique pieces into their outfits-hats, bags, funky shoes, one of a kind garments.

I gave away my tiara earlier this year (long story, but it tipped the balance at a fundraiser for a good cause) and now I’m on the lookout for a replacement. I loved that tiara! And I wore it! Other than red and metallic footwear, I don’t own anything eccentric or particularly ‘fun’ to wear, so I’m on the lookout. I want something (like Harmonica’s possible leopard coat, Anna’s cherry headgear, golden pig’s Star Wars purse, Angie’s Pom Poms) that will be fashionable and spark joy.

Do you own and wear such an item?