Hi everyone! Below are the three most popular ideas from our "let's challenge Angie" thread. Please vote for one of them by submitting a reply with the numeral. We'll tabulate results on Monday night and issue the challenge on Tuesday.

1. Angie Goes Global: one outfit interpreted three different ways to reflect the style of three of Angie's favorite global cities

2. Angie's Autumn Trends: an outfit that incorporates several of the hottest fall trends, interpreted in Angie's own trademark style for REAL women

3. Angie Channels a Designer: an outfit that reflects the spirit of a certain designer's fall line. My suggestions are Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang; if you vote for this option, please feel free to suggest a designer. Angie will choose the designer from our suggestions.

Thank you, Angie, for being a good sport and agreeing to play along! This is such fun!