Hi to my North American forum friends,

Our company is looking at attending a trade show in the Mid West in October. I will be going!

At a trade show/conference here people would wear polo shirt and jeans/chinos or softshell jackets and chino etc... It is in engineering and aviation. It will be fall weather.

I need to get some clothes to wear for two- three days - I am allergic to company uniforms so only own a puffer vest with a logo that I will bring.

I thought of long sleeve merino or knit polo shirts with a collar, with black pants and sneakers or boots? Along with the puffer vest or I could look at a blazer?

Our company colours are shades of teal but our uniform is mostly grey and black with the logo on it.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of event and what is the usual dress code?

Thanks in advance!