Part one of my footwear ponderings as we move towards fall:

I’m getting more into wearing my sneakers these days, and am really enjoying the new silver Stellas (in Finds below). I have a pair of white Adidas I picked up at the Rack maybe 3 years ago when I decided to dip a toe in the white sneaker trend (also pictured here in my Finds) and have since embraced it. I wear those Adidas frequently so they’re probably down to pennies per wear.

I’m considering adding another pair of white sneakers in a bit more fashion-forward style. Something I could wear with my wide leg jeans and trousers as well as other silhouettes. I love the Stella McCartney Elyse style but it’s too much platform for me — I can just envision another sprained ankle in the making.

Anyone have any recommendations?

Part 2:

I have four old pairs of oxfords that are still in great condition, are comfortable, and that I like a lot (see them in Finds below). However, I’m not sure if they’re looking terribly current at the moment, since lug soles are trending and I have generally embraced more substantial styles. I am not interesting in parting with them yet (particularly the Clergeries and the Freda Salvador green ones), but I’m wondering if anyone can help with styling ideas for making these work with my current style. We are getting into prime season for wearing these, and it’s a small window between sandal season and boot season around here.
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!