I ordered the navy windowpane suit. It was absolutely KILLER STUNNING. Wow! Beautifully packaged, and flawless service. It felt extremely good on! Luxe deluxe. I got a great discount after filling out their survey. Free shipping in the UK, and to the US. Made in London.


It was returned because it was a size too big, not alterable, and cut for a curvier figure than mine. If all The Fold suits are cut like this, they are going to work really well on a curvy body type. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Inseams VERY long. Pants were full length on me, and I am 5ft 6. Good for Team Tall!

My new HUGO BOSS suit is absolutely perfect in every way. No alterations needed. I wore it again yesterday! Third time

To quote hubs Greg when he saw me in The Fold suit: "There is no comparison. I don't like the pants. The Boss suit is soooooo much better. Rather get another Hugo Boss suit".

.......which is precisely what I am going to do when I see another fun one that tickles my fancy, and is on sale!

Still waiting for the Boden skirt.

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