Suz, I am thrilled that you are keeping the blue jacket. This was my favourite from your haul all along. Sorry to hear about Loft T. So annoying...

You will find a kimono jacket that you like better. I was at an art show this weekend where an artist was selling beautiful hand painted hand washable silk kimono like jackets at a good price. Unfortunately she didn't have many XS left and none in colors I could use but you may find something similar.

I chuckled when I looked at the picture of you in the kimono. The little picture behind your right shoulder looks like a description of what you're wearing, lol, right down to the same design and colors. That's funny But, all aside, I like the kimono on you.

I love the Zara Kimono, I say, keep it!

I'm glad that you're keeping the jacket and I think your reasoning for returning the other pieces is sound. I think I would wait for a different kimono. Maybe have a look at art shows and similar events, like Joy suggested? Chances are that the fabric quality is way better there anyway and it would be unique.

Thank you all again for your thoughts! I have until Friday to make my absolute decision, but now I'm leaning toward keeping the cream kimono after all, along with the blue floral jacket (which I am wearing right now!) It's not a big expense and will be a happy and useful summer item. Meanwhile, I will look for a real silk kimono for a dressier capsule that fits me better than the blue Zara.

Ruthe, I thought exactly the same thing about the colours and design of the print behind me! As a matter of fact, that print is not Japanese but comes from Israel!

I too am disappointed in the quality of the items I am finding in stores. I am not sure what to do about this because the quality seems iffy even in some of the better stores such as Nordstorms.

Suz, I just love that kimono on you! The way you have styled it - well It's the first in the kimono posts that I have seen that I really really love!

Suz I hear what you are saying regarding the kimono. I too am on the fence - probably for the same reason. I do think it looks fab on you - and it is such an interesting and wearable item. Having searched around, I haven't seen anything that merges the modern and kimono as well as these ones from Zara.

I like the kimono on you very much. Seems perfect for your skin tone.

Also, so interested in the comment re the hole and some of the other comments re this pesky problem. I have had this happen on many of my "vintage cotton" ones from J. Crew including my favourite. It is very aggravating.

I would try to return the Loft tee - you'll be no worse off if they won't take it back, and better off if they will.

I'm glad you kept the blue floral jacket - it's so pretty. I don't know if you already answered this question, but are you wearing it to your gala?

I vote keep the cream kimono - it'll be a nice summer addition to your wardrobe.

I have not read the other replies (including any you may have made, Suz), and am coming very late to the game, but if you're referring the the second pic as the one you need persuading on, I will be honest and say I am not a big fan of it. Just my own poison eye, probably, but to me that red vertical border makes it look bathrobe-y, and also there's something really weirdly ethnic about it, but not Japanese ethnic, so the aesthetic is just jarring to me. Anyway, it is not up to your meticulous standards. I realize cut is important and very elusive, but you can and will do better.

Weighing in late, but I sure hope you decide to keep the cream kimono, Suz. It's so cute on you! And it would be such a fun element to add to your wardrobe. And I'm happy you're keeping the blue flowered jacket.

Thanks for the confidence in my kimono rocking ability, btw! Mine came this afternoon...planning to post photos tomorrow.

Which kind of AT Loft tee is it? I have one of their cotton tees and it's already piling on 1 hip, but on the other (odd?). I have 2 of their linen tops and just bought a third because they've worked well for me.