Inge, you wore them in Velp in the snow with me!

Bonnie, you are soooo stinking cute

Just a quick reminder that I prefer screen names over the insiders club of using first names when you have them.

ETA, flipping through these sales offerings here, several popped out at me as possibilities for you. On closer look, they all turned out to be Sorels, so I just filtered for that brand and one other. I couldn’t help myself on the others, because the thought of little Felix encountering either of the last two pairs of hiking boots here just makes me laugh.

Liz - Yes, that might do the trick indeed. Thank you! Just a bit too utilitarian for my taste, but something to keep in mind.
Angie - Oh gosh, you are right!!-)) Let's just hope this memory loss is temporary;-)
Fashintern - Noted! And thanks so much for doing that search for me! And LOL:-))) I should get one of the last two just to film Felix's reaction. He would 100% think it was a sheep or squirrel, and not leave my feet alone for one second. We would not get far on those beach walks :-)))

My parents live on a large lake in northern VT, and I live next to a small lake in New Hampshire. I've found that my favorite thing for cold-weather beach walks is a pair of tall Bogs. They come up high enough to keep sand out, are completely waterproof and very warm because they're made with rubber-coated neoprene. I don't think I've ever seen them in Europe, though. They are perfect for New England, where cold always comes with a side of wet. I have the boring black ones, but they come in lots of cute prints too. I find the tall style to be better for a high instep than the shorter ones. I believe the insole is removable, which makes me think they are probably compatible with most orthotics. And they do make a wide calf version as well. Not fancy boots, but they are so very functional.

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Sorry for the late reply, La Pedestrienne. I've had a quick look already, but haven't been able to find a European source for the brand yet. But thank you so much for pointing these out to me. They sound like they do an amazing job. And thank you for the fit info too.

Would the Merrrels like I bought work? They'd be good for beach walking, and work for high arches.

I think this is the New England brand. They have websites for Germany and the UK.

Actually, I just thought of Bogs, too!

I hope Bonnie's shoes work for you, they look fab on Bonnie!

Thanks suntiger. They might. Haven't seen them yet in my neck of the woods though.
Thanks for that link, Fashintern.
Angie - Hah! Great minds think alike
Bijou, thank you! They do look great on Bonnie.

Have you decided yet? I just came across these,40,40.5

I thought the pull-on would be good when you need to go quickly

Thanks very much for checking in, Fashintern. No decision yet. I tried on 3 more pairs that also didn't fit right, and I think I'm going to take a break now. The move is in 3 weeks, and I don't have the energy to do more shoe hunting while having to take care of so many other things. Will wait until I'm settled into the new flat, and I'm saving your suggestions, thank you!