Hi all. I haven't posted in a while, and haven't 'dressed' much in months.

We were 'blessed' with one of the most miserable winters of all time this year. Endless -30C days and one of the highest snowfalls in recorded history for our area. Spring has been cool so far, which brings the necessary 'slow melt' we need to get rid of so much snow without major flooding but it has meant not much inspiration or opportunity for spring dressing. Now there's a forecast for a Colorado low to bring another 20 to 80 (!!!!) cm of snow this week. Winter 2022 simply WILL. NOT. END.

In spite of, or maybe because of this, I am starting to shop for spring and summer. I'm in my usual seasonal 'purchase too much and return a bunch' cycle as I try to sort out what fits/flatters/goes with other things and what I actually NEED.

In light of quite significant weight lost last year, I set out a bit of a rebuilding roadmap in January, and thought this might be a good time to see how reality compares to the list of needs I posted then:

  • New eyewear (haven't found 'the ones' yet, but am starting to itch for a change. Probably won't restart the search until late summer)
  • Workout gear (making do but will take the plunge when I find something I like)
  • Sleeveless tops for ‘hot summer’ (I have a couple of sleeveless and short sleeved pieces home on spec, but not sure yet how many of them are keepers. Still looking.)
  • Lightweight bottoms for ‘hot summer’ (I have brought home three pairs of wide leg linen pants -- two cropped and one full length.
    I don't normally like full length for summer, but the full length ones are my faves so far. I don't think I need three pair, so one or both of the other pairs might go back.)
  • Mid-weight knit tops for early spring and mid to late fall — heavy enough to wear alone, but light enough to layer under a cardigan or blazer if needed. Drop shoulder or raglan sleeve and a boxy cut. (I picked up three sweaters just before Christmas and was saving them for the spring that hasn't been. Still, I think they are good additions that will stand the test of time. Two are green merino wool - different shades of green and different styles. The third is bright yellow - a HEWI colour/fit combo for me and it adds a nice punch of colour when I need it.)
  • A few pairs of casual-ish pants (suitable for the office if needed) (Not much progress here, but not much need yet, either. I brought home a charcoal cotton Calvin Klein utility type pant that I think could fly in our office worn with the right completer pieces.
    We might return to the office by fall, and then to a hybrid schedule, so I won't need a ton of office wear. Probably won't sweat this much until fall approaches.)
  • A blazer — I’d like to find a light- to mid-weight, light coloured, slightly oversized blazer to dress up jeans or wear to the office. (I have a very plain beige blazer home on spec but am still debating whether I really need it now or if I should hold out to see what is around in the fall. The one I am considering is just inexpensive polyester but I think I'd rather have a similar colour in a lightweight wool.)
  • An oversized denim-look Tencel shirt. (SUCCESS. I found a blue and white striped button-up shirt I think will suit my needs perfectly. I also tried it in plain blue, but the stripe seemed a bit richer and I think I could get away with it in the office more easily than the plain blue.)
  • Jeans (I have two pair home on spec from Marshalls -- Lucky Brand Lolita low rise crops that sit as mid-rise on me. I really like them right now, but hope to lose a few more pounds this summer which might make them too big by fall. The argument for keeping them is that jeans that fit and at least somewhat flatter are a HEWI and the proliferation of high rises right now makes them even harder to find. It's really the hip area where these will be too big in time, and I've wondered if that could maybe be taken in a bit.
    I expect I'll wear jeans a fair bit between now and late May, and then be in linen and crops through to late August. I COULD make do until fall.... We'll see.)
  • Swimsuit (Haven't started looking yet. Least favourite shopping job and I have very specific fit/style wishes. Won't likely need one for the summer but will want to fill the void before a planned vacation next winter.)

One of my guiding principles for 2022 has been to work on building out my complements. I've made some progress there:

White/cream complement

Added three pairs of white/cream shoes:

  • Ecco Soft 7s -- figure I can't go wrong there....
  • Teva Tirra sandals. These aren't exactly dressy, but they are comfortable on my fussy foot and will work well for the casual and at home components of my lifestyle.
  • Cream Ecco Sartorelle oxfords. I am second guessing myself and wondering if I should have chosen these in dark grey instead. But I might be too lazy to return them.

Added a short white linen utility style jacket that will be great to throw over a tank for a lightweight third piece and an oversized white button-up shirt that I think I will enjoy wearing over loose pants and those with a more cigarette style leg.

I am sort of keeping an eye out for an off white bag, but since I am a  bag minimalist, this isn't a high priority.

Cognac complement

  • Added a pair of cognac gladiator-ish sandals and a cognac cross-body bag. I think this will help make even my older black summer pieces feel a bit less heavy.
  • I already have a pair of cognac sneakers.
  • I'm considering a cognac linen t-shirt - just debating the fit.

Grey/silver complement

  • Added a very simple pewter bag that is dressier than my everyday purse but not a spangly evening bag. Given the low use this is likely to get I was delighted to find it on a fabulous discount. It can be carries as a wristlet or worn cross body.
  • I have a pair of silver sandals that are reasonably comfortable an evening out.

I also brought home a simple natural-coloured linen sun dress to think about. I am still kicking myself for returning a really fabulous one a few years ago. I've wished several times since that I had a dress exactly like it... My biggest concern is whether I will really wear an unlined linen dress -- even around home. I wonder about adding a pair of linen trousers underneath. Very boho, but it helps address the sheerness of both. Or I might just hold out.

I am mostly focused on casual and semi casual wear with an eye to things that would pass muster in the office but don't feel "office only" to me.

If you've stayed with me this long, thanks for reading. After I narrow things down a bit I might post a couple of K/Rs or style labs to get your thoughts.

In the meantime, this little reflection helps me see that somewhere within the flurry of items, I am making progress on my goals.

It also helps me see that a couple of the tops I brought home to consider might e more "office-y" than what I really want -- even though they are nice and 'go with' things. That'll make it easier to pinpoint what I should return!

Thoughts and observations are always welcome!