So... anyone else go to take pictures of her closet and realize it needed a bit of reorganizing... and then a bit of tidying up? All on The Other Person's Side, of course.

That's what happened at my house, and then today it was unexpectedly stormy, so not great light for taking photos (I'm lucky enough to have natural light in my closet.)

And no, just kidding, it was not Mr. April's stuff that needed tidying up. Of course not -- he's a total minimalist. One pair of black Ecco loafers that he wears every day, a whole bunch of athletic shoes that he never wears (ok, he wears one pair when he's on the elliptical), and a pair of crocs that he wears when he hoses down his sea kayak. Buncha polo shirts. His business clothes are all in the city. And besides his kayaking gear, that's his wardrobe.

OOH nice! Love the shoe shelves especially!

Ok, so I finally got some closet photos taken. The far end by the window (where the mirror swings out) is where I stand to put on makeup; above that is handbags. The left side of the closet is mainly mine and the right is mainly Mr. April's, though he has all the rod space that's up high since I can't reach any of that without a stepladder.

#4 is the tiny amount of rod space available for dresses: about 18 inches.

#5 is the closet-within-a-closet where I hide presents and where we stash dry cleaning on its way to the dry cleaners. We have a huge antique full-length mirror leaning against the wall in our bedroom, so the little one hanging on the door in the closet is just for quick peeks.

#6 is my shoes. I put the out-of-season ones way up high and deal with the dust when the time comes. (If you're planning a closet reno, resist the siren call of open shelving because of the dust issue. This was someone else's closet reno, not my own, and I swear it's the reason she moved.) Ms. Mary was quite right to put doors on her shelving!

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Gorgeous closet and the white is lovely. My closet doesn't have anything special for organization, but it does have a pink chandelier. This post isn't a great picture but it is pink crystals and brass.

April, your closet is fab! And you are right about the open shelving! I was all for it and Lovely Husband suggested putting doors on everything because of dust and because it just looks so much neater behind closed doors!

Lisa, I love your chandelier! I was all set to get a sparkly chandelier, too, but LH found the light fixture you see in the pics and it was love at first sight!

I take the liberty of bumping this old thread for fellow new members : I had not seen it before MsMary linked to it...and it looks like a dream. Mary and April, your closets look like they come straight out of a fairy tale.

I cannot speak ,I am so jealous ,but you look like a nice woman so I expect I will get over it one day.

That is the most beautiful closet I have ever seen!!! You did a fantastic job!

Wow. Wow. Wow. Now we know why you are always so perfectly turned out - your closet gives you superpowers. I adore Penny and Aprils too. I am having major closet envy.

This is fantastic and what fun you must have had putting it together and now enjoying it. I want that shoe and jewelry cabinet!!

So beautiful. *wipes tear from cheek* I love these fancy closets! Well done, ladies!!!

I'm getting motivated looking at these photos.