I recently bought a new pair of dress sandals because I had only one pair in my closet, and I thought that a dress sandal in a different silhouette might be fun. My old sandals, which I love, are espadrille style and have a platform wedge. The new sandals are the Soffts pictured at the bottom of my post.

Anyway, I got the Soffts in the hopes of just expanding my options for dress sandals. But I find myself reaching for them *instead of* my wedges! I used to wear my wedges all the time with dressier outfits (they were a workhorse), and now they are sitting unworn. My intent was not to replace them, but that is what is happening.

Does this happen to anyone else? Do you buy something, hoping to just expand your options, and then find out that what you bought is in effect *replacing* something else, even something that you really love?