We are back from our nearly 3 week trip on the US eastern seaboard and to family and friends in a Midwestern state. We traveled on planes (7 of them), trains (commuter, subway, & Amtrack) & automobiles (Turo, taxi, and Uber), and bikes and busses too. Whew! This post is literally everything I pulled out of my suitcase when we got home.

First up are pictures of the color scheme I chose for the trip, which was augmented by some “finds” in my closet. I can no longer claim I don’t wear orange or yellow, just look! It seems to me that these shades (or tints?) complement the berry colors already in my closet.

I’ve also got a couple of graphic T-shirts now. One is from a camp my son went to. The other is one I ordered from the Met ages ago, but when family tried to mail it to me, it was returned to sender (the kimono was in that box too); I think Brooklyn has shown the same top in one of her amazing outfits.

#2 is a plaid jacket I've mentioned before. It has matching peg-leg pants that I don’t plan to wear.

I wore the top in #3 with both the loud, flared shorts shown with it and the micro floral mini skirt. I also tried the sweatshirt from #4 with the skirt from #3—it felt entirely too 90s, and not in a good way.

#6 doesn’t have yellow, but it does have different reds than I usually wear.

The purple skirt in #10-12 has eyelets that might not show up in the pix.

I no longer have the silk cami I used to wear under the lace blouse in #14, haven’t figured out how I’m going to wear it now.

#17 is lined wool pants

#18 is corduroy skirt.

Any creative suggestions for repairing the skirt in #19-20?

#21 is the skirt in the WIW to a meeting, with stuff from other family members.

#22 is what I’m most excited about. I thought a roommate had stolen it 25+ years ago, but there it was in my parents’ attic.

#23 is after we got home. I didn’t have the jeans or ls T with me, but did pick up the topper on our trip.

My sister calls #25 a caftan. I’m not sure that’s right, but it is very comfy to float around the house in.

The cropped hoodie pullover, black Champion zip up hoodie and black silk blouse (finds) were worn as toppers indiscriminately, according to weather & mood. The red pants (finds) never made it out of the suitcase, and I haven’t had a chance to wear the ice lavender raincoat yet. I also took and sometimes wore workout clothes & shoes, but scarcely worked out at all, oops. I wore the sandals a couple times at the beginning, but soon switched to my “schoolgirl” shoes with everything.

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