Ok, this is a little weird. Those of you who have read my posts know that I find it much easier to find tops that fit and flatter me than bottoms. So why is it that since the weather has cooled, I have been hugely uninspired by most of my long-sleeved tops?

I seem to have too many button-front shirts and blouses, which seem to feel too fussy or fidgety, too easily gape at the bust, or have some other issue (i.e. Equipment blouses which seem too dressy and also seem to have acquired the gaping problem, maybe because I've gained weight?).

Then on the other end of the spectrum I have tees. Really casual and kind of boring long sleeve tees. Handy for layering but uninspiring.

It's still a little early for warmer sweaters. But after pulling out my sweaters from seasonal storage, I'm only feeling excited by a few of them. Some of them are looking more worn and pilly than I expected. Many are feeling too roomy and bulky for my current mood/taste.

I have not really been in much of a shopping mood, and I'm not looking to spend much these days, but I would welcome suggestions if anyone has seen some casual yet interesting long-sleeve tops for fall-winter that could go from a casual day of work to a rock show or a casual dinner with hubs or friends. A little unusual detail or a hint of edge is a definite bonus.

In the meantime, I'm finding myself at a little bit of an unexpected loss when I go to get dressed. I have never before been in a situation where I'm happier with my pants/jeans collection than I am with my tops! Thank goodness I have jackets I love.

Suggestions on what to do with my closet, and suggestions for my shopping list are welcome.