Annie, that's hilarious. When DH really hates something, I get, "WTF are those??" lol

K, that is such a good rule of thumb, and I am going to keep it in the back of my mind for the future. Now that you mention it, I also mainly wear dark indigo or black-based jeans in the winter, so the black don't chop my legs up.

Janet, if you're willing to give them some time to relax, I think it could work. My calves are 14" at the widest point, and I can get these on over jeans easily. I think they might be snug on a 14.75 calf at first, but the shaft is soft leather that feels like it would mold to the leg over time. Faster if you wanted to do a little stretching spray on the inside.

Day Vies, I can't ever see getting rid of the triple lace boots. I still remember the first time I saw the style on the Ann Demeulemeester show from like... 2008. At one point, I even tried to make a pair at home because I could not find them anywhere (horrific results, but that's how much I loved them)!

Una, now I am the one biting my nails! It's going to all come down to that shaft height...

Thank you for the size info, Rae! My calves are the one part of me that is larger since I started running! However, I can still fit into all of my old boots, and it's rare that a boot doesn't fit me. I've been thinking about a new low-heeled, knee-high black boot, and these intrigue me. For free shipping & returns, I think it's worth a try.