Whoa, there's a LOT going on in that top. I can't imagine wearing it in hot weather - you are smart to return. I agree with you on length of pants.

Yes, the skirt is longer on me. You might also want to order a size down, as I usually am a size S in skirts and I exchanged for an XS.

I like the wide pants at the length in the last picture. You could make the white blouse work, but why? Next! You look great!

Coincidentally, I was just looking at a picture of Garance Dore in a puffy white shirt. I hadn't realized she's only 5'3.

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GOOD JOB listening to you feelings, Suz. SOOOO I'mportant. I like the trendy skirt and blouse on you. Looks fabulous! But YOU have to wear it and feel great - not me. Return. Next

KILLER wide crops. Hemmed to last length, for sure. Style with boxy cropped top, tie top, shirt tied at the waist. 

I wish we could see the white blouse with a quieter, slimmer, bottom. I think it feels like too much because it's with that skirt - which also has a lot going on.

I love the pants hemmed to the last length. They look breezy for the summer.

And what fun to see Jackie posting again!

I like the chambray pants, and I would pick the last length. Although I thought the shorter could work, too; I am SO challenged on cropped pant lengths. Anyway, seeing the chambray pant outfit next to the skirt outfit was an eye-opener for me; the comparison made me see that the skirt outfit, with the high-contrast print and the big puffy blouse design, was overpowering you.

And here's a Find for a blouse. (I haven't seen it in person.)

Oh, and another thing: Welcome back, Jackie!

Disn't ready any comments, so: love the pants (COMPLETELY YOUR STYLE) and think can be hemmed to length in nr 4. Sorry for the shirt miss-I just can relate-a white woven shirt is my all time and almost never achived HEWI so go next up!

Hi Suz,
Here are a couple of white tops I found on the Nordstrom site, although I haven't seen them in person. I'm a big fan of gauze lately because even if it wrinkles a little it still looks good!



Good call Suz! Objectively, the first outfit looks fantastic on you - the fit is great and the pieces are lovely - which makes it so tempting to keep them, even when they are not you. But if they don't feel right, they don't feel right. They are not as clean-lined as you usually wear, and that can make all the difference - although it would be interesting to see each piece paired with one of your tried-and-true pieces?

I agree with you on the 'feminine' thing - I feel like girly clothes bring out the masculinity in my face. I think it's because I have a touch of 'dramatic' in my facial lines.

Agree that the third pants length is great!

I so appreciate the way you share your process! I'm a big yes for the last length of the pants --- as for skirts: with a gathered waist a-line I prefer a button front because it gives the skirt more structure. My favorite kind of a-line is drapey, but more of a gored shape with no gathering on the waistline. If I have time later, I'll drop see if I can post some examples!

I actually like the blouse and skirt on you and don't think the outfit looks mannish. But it sounds like you are having a strong emotional response, so definitely send the clothes back. The top looks like it might be really hot for summer weather.

I like the last pic for pants length.

As for places to get on-trend skirts, I want to say that Anthro has lots of lightweight A-line skirts that are midi length. They might be worth a look.

Suz, start a separate thread on your search for white tops.