OMG I shopped for real clothes!

To be clear, I don’t *need* anything. I can get dressed every day, but my bar is pretty low for an acceptable outfit these days.

However, Angie’s post about t-shirt dresses made me turn a critical eye to my only tee dress, a favorite short-sleeved dress from Cloth & Stone via Anthro a few years ago. It’s in pic 2. I have worn it a lot, and it’s getting thin (see pic 7 — yikes!), and it bags out in the seat after I sit in it for a while — especially a problem if it’s hot and I sweat, which of course is when I most want to wear it.

So when I saw this Paige dress in pic 1, I perked up and decided to try it. It fits really well and has a little more shape than the old dress. I think the sleeveless cut looks ok on me. The V neck is flattering and not too low. And the hem is very nearly identical to the old dress — I knotted both on one side so you can see the effect on each one. The blue is a bit deeper and a little more purple toned on the Paige dress, but still appealing to me. The weight is nice — it’s nice and opaque but not heavy, and the drape is great. I think it’s a keeper unless you see something I don’t. I would probably cut off the bottom of the old Cloth & Stone dress and use the top as a sleep shirt.

Pics 3-4 are a really basic v-neck tee from Rag & Bone. It was on sale, and I love the turquoise color but it’s really hard to find items I like in this color. It was only available in a L and I could have used a M, so it’s a bit roomy, but the shoulder fits and I can always semi-tuck or knot it to rein in the extra volume. My semi-tuck in pic 3 is not well executed, oops. I’d like the sleeve better if it were a little shorter and a bit more diagonal, but that’s doable. I’m inclined to keep — I realized that all my tees are very subdued colors and sometimes I would like something a little lighter and brighter.

5-6 are my very simple WIW today. Jag Bermuda shorts and Treasure & Bond navy shirt with silver pinstripes and Diba silver platform slides. I decided I should try wearing real shoes every day, even if it’s just around the house. But I just realized I didn’t put on any jewelry, oops! But I have been doing tasks like fertilizing the tomato plants and cleaning mildew off of camping equipment, LOL. My hair is in a silly little side ponytail — I let it air dry last night after a swim, so it’s comical today.

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