So my work is splitting into two different buildings for inpatient and outpatient. We do not have a centralized locker area. Currently my work clogs (Sanita, FYI. Thanks Denise!)are stored near my desk, which I’ll soon lose. Offsite parking for me is about 5 blocks away, I have roly-poly ankles so I don’t like walking long distances in them on crappy sidewalks. I don’t also want to wear them home, fomites and hospital ickies. Clogs are great at work though.
Right now I have a big crossbody bag from Barneys (RIP), but I should probably carry a backpack again. Wallet, work badge, extra masks, hand sanitizer, 1/2 assed bullet journal and pens, etc etc. If I’m organized (hah) I actually bring lunch in a small cooler bag.
For my clogs I’m thinking some sort of fabric or canvas tote with the actual clogs in a super bougie plastic bag.
Need suggestions/help on figuring this out. Willing to buy a larger tote or bag for my main bag as well, but needs a crossbody strap.
Also, and this a major ugh for me I may have to wear scrubs to and from work, I’d change into fresh ones at the end of shift. Currently I change at work in hospital issued ones. But it may prove more of a pain. FYI scrubs are not warm.