Suz, I had a quick look at the 12 colours and I don't know if summer or winter - I suspect a bit of both!! I am not hugely into colour analysis - I find it interesting - but some people are very easy to pick, and others are not so straight forward. And it changes - My Mum for example was a warm autumn but as she has aged suits soft autumn colours.

I was diagnosed as a spring in my teens under the original 4 colour system but I can wear some colours from all the palettes (and not others)

Off topic, sorry to thread highjack!!

Gorgeous! Can't wait to hear the details.

Just got back home. Phew! Super busy trip.

Sal, with blonde hair, I was typed as a "true" summer, who can also wear some bright spring colours and some colours from winter's palette but can't wear all the true summer colours. (eg none of the softer pastels and no yellow.)

Ha! How "scientific" was that, right? I think now that my hair is silver I am probably closer to what they call a "winter-summer" -- http://www.30somethingurbangir.....inter.html

My contrast levels are a bit lower but there is something about me that is utterly washed out by pastels.

I'll PM about this but returns to J Crew -- yes, I ordered online and brought back to the store -- easy peasy.

Thank you again for all the kind words. I was hoping to find a tweedy jacket and lucked out on this. Price was super cheap.

Simply gorgeous, Suz!

I love the jacket, it looks wonderful how you have styled it.

I'm having a hard time getting past how beautiful your hair is!

Ack. It is sold out! I almost bought a similar tweed jacket at The Loft for $7.44 ( half final sale price) but decided I had sales goggles and did not care for the bell sleeves, although on trend. Now I'm having second thoughts.

Wow, it looks a million times better on you than on the model. And your hair! Gorgeous!

Fantastic jacket on you! It looks like it was made for you.

Gorgeous Suz. I love your hair.

K2K, want it toooo!!!!:-)))).

Just perfect - that jacket was made for you Suz.

It suits you so well. Great score.

Wonderful. Looks great with what you're wearing.

Beautiful on you. Great find.

Fantastic, well done!

That is a great jacket! Perfect for you.

Divine- the colour the shape the fit!!