Halt and Catch Fire is excellent.

brotherhood on hulu. completely binge worthy!

My limit is about 5 minutes at a time on You Tube, and that's while on the treadmill, but DH really likes Vikings. We used to watch GOT. The story world is great, but its extremely violent. We also liked Firefly, but that was only on for 1 season.

Suntiger, GOT was far too violent and disturbing for me!

I am addicted to The British Baking Show. Diversity and some real characters. British mysteries in general.

The Morning Show

We have recently gotten hooked on Atypical. Since I have a number of friends who have children on the spectrum, it seems to handle the subject matter in a funny yet respectful way. The characters have really grown on me.

Some good Israeli series available on Netflix -

Speaking of Israel - The Spy, with Sasha Baron Cohen.

Did anyone mention Call My Agent? French, hilarious. Loved it.

And Schitt's Creek showing up here a lot, yay - my very, very, favorite. Adding to Angie's mention of The Wire, as well...in my top 5 ever.

The Good Place, for sure!

We just started Mozart in the Jungle on Amazon and are through a season and a half in just a few days!