I’m wearing this very thing today.

What others said- they dint seem to work for my body type. The short dress over pants look is fussy on me and often poses footwear issues. I’d rather wear a dress and tights, or pants.

Ah, see, the definition matters! To me, if it's longer than mid-thigh (long enough to wear bare-legged in the summer or with tights in the winter) then it's not a tunic, it's a dress, even if I'm wearing it over leggings. All of the dresses below hit a bit above my knee. A tunic, to me, is something that hits somewhere between low hip and mid-upper thigh, for which pants/leggings are required, not optional. I do like miniskirts over leggings, but because they are fitted they don't seem to add much visual bulk to my hips/thighs the way a loose tunic would.

Hmm. It's funny, when I shop for dresses, I'm on a mission for DRESSES. And as a result, I rule out 90% of what I see because they are nearly all above-the-knee length on me.

Perhaps I should try simply looking at dresses as potential tunics.

I did find this WIW from a year or so ago with what may be my only remaining tunic. I do like this -- it just requires the right mood and the right styling. https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....-butt-vest

Angie wrote:

Are you wearing them at the best length, is my question to those who don't feel great in them.

I loathe them with a capital L. I suspect it has something to do with not understanding my best length. And when the length is wrong, the outfit can look matronly.

Angie, the two photos you posted show you wearing a heel with the tunics. Do you think that longer tops look better with heels?

La Ped, please update your definition of the modern tunic It's ANY length of longer top that is worn over bottoms. From the top of the thighs to calf length.

Janet, YES. Good strategy. Wear dresses as tunics. Or asymmetrical shorter tunics. That said, the tunic over the skirted leggings looks great.

Malene1, not necessarily. Now I wear the same vibe with flats because I can't wear those heels any more. ALL GONE.

Thistle, I thought you wore leggings frequently? Athleisure?

Sara L, I like the longer and assymmetrcial tunics best. REALLY great on you.

Not a fan because of my long torso and short legs—and the reality I need to wear a low, sturdier, heel these days to walk comfortably. If your shoe was positioned at your kick flare, Angie, that is the image I’d see in the mirror—a rather comical effect which makes even sales staff go “oh, dear...”

I do have a couple of tunics which I’ve re-cut to a length which makes the proportions work. Both featured asymmetrical hems—a style which looks less dumpy on me—but took quite a bit of time and effort to adjust these to just the right length.

If my legs were longer, or I could wear a bit of a heel, I’d probably feel differently about working with tunics. But, for now, it’s a look which almost always makes me say “onward” when I see it on my body.

I have short legs and a long torso and find mid-thigh tunics looks pretty good on me...which makes me wonder if my eyes are on straight

I loathe them on me. I have wide pear hips and an arched back, and I have yet to find a tunic that would fit both my hips and waist.

I loathe tunics ... they always make me feel frumpy and remind me of the maternity wearing days. Just cannot bring myself to feel comfy in them, when not pregnant, that is.

Smittie, your eye is probably fine.

I think, on my IT shape, the issue probably involves secondary body characteristics like my broad shoulders and back, slim hips and thighs, and athletic, low-placed calf muscles. Leggings obviously look very different on me than on another short-legged woman who has slimmer lower legs.

I love my body shape, so I want to wear what loves it back—and a blockish tunic with short tree-stump legs hanging out just isn’t showcasing its best features. Now, a cropped, or knotted-waist, top placed at the top of my slim hips and butt magically lengthens my legs and enhances look of my well-developed calf muscles.


I think your eyes are straight. My mom has a long torso and short legs and tunics look great on her.

Lots of chatter about this topic! My response (almost-loathe) to tunics is not necessarily because of how they fit or even look on me, as I've often tried on and thought they looked good. I am attracted to arty looks, and to me tunics tend that direction, but my own expression of that is more often an unusual touch of color or quirky accessory.

My objection is generally to how they make me feel, which is -for myself- lounge-y, sloppy, or if the tunic is at or close to a length of a dress, that I have on too many layers sticking to each other. I've never chosen tunics over leggings, slim pants or jeans as one of my silhouettes and have never regretted it. My preferred silhouette is much more traditional, I would say - not classic or preppy or soft-feminine, but semi fitted or casually tailored is what makes me feel most put together.

It is interesting to read many other opinions and pros and cons. Thanks for an interesting discussion.

I like them but always have trouble finding mid thigh ones for some reason. I have had a couple of asymmetrical ones - one got a hole, the other is oversized loungewear that may also be used for travel. I have had a shift dress or two in my day that can double as a tunic. I also have a lovely aqua one from Boden that I think will look great with my white pants, but at the same time is probably more for my imaginary lifestyle where I spend the whole summer at the beach.

THAT's it. In addition to not being able to comprehend what length is best for my body, tunics make me feel sloppy. I never feel fabulous wearing a tunic. Thank you, CJH.

I don’t like tunics on me and am now thinking why.I think the leggings /tunic look is very much a uniform around here for young mums in their 20s/30s.I am past this stage in my life and don’t want to look like an old wannabe.A dear friend of mine wears them but so does her teenage daughter and whilst I would never say anything to her I really think at my age I do not want to be wearing what my teenage daughter is wearing.l also find with a long torso the same problem I have with dresses that the waist is always in the wrong place for me and the tunic then looks odd on me.

I’m a fan, altho I haven’t worn them in awhile. My tunics are sorta really mod minidresses.

I don't have feelings one way or another. I think I don't wear them because top+leggings or longer top+trousers/jeans isn't really something I'd wear to work. I do have three shorter "dresses," two of which I do wear with leggings, but in general, it's not a look I've explored. But certainly not because I loathe them. More just never thought about expanding that look for my lifestyle.

Feeling "sloppy" and matronly, is interesting. Sterling, Carla and cjh, I think the devil is in the details of the bottom, footwear and the tunic. I want to dress you in tunics....

Carla, I *do* have empathy for "no more pregnancy attire" since some of my clients feel the same way.

Cardiff girl, I don't wear leggings - only jeans under dresses. It makes me feel more grown-up. I also wear WOVEN dresses over jeans. Makes a difference.

Smittie, do you wear the proportions with heels?

Gaylene, inverted triangle body types can feel very "blocky" in tunics. I get that from clients quite a bit. Again though, the right diagonal lines are magical....

Christina F, we need to move to Southern California's coast.

Rachy, like a shift.

Slightly above crotch point wouldn't bother me but I like full coverage in the back and I don't wear high low hems so mine are anywhere from crotch point to mid thigh.

And definitely a warm weather item for me because lightweight fabric is a must.

Sometimes, regardless of how I think something looks in the mirror, I just don't like the way I feel in certain things. Black clothes and anything too undefined or voluminous makes me feel dragged down.

TEAM LOVE here! I have a long torso and proportionally short legs, and my bottom is fuller than my top. But I still love them and wear them.

I love tunics. I have a short waist and tucking in tops is a problem.

I like them when I can find one long enough. Like Jenn, I have a long torso and I’m just over 5’6”. I only like dresses that are past knee length, so when I realized shorter dresses were potential tunics my opportunities opened up! Hmm, when I went through my finds I found I have more than I thought!

YAY, Dianna. Would love to see your outfits.

bonnie, you are QUEEN Tunic, and wear them with panache.

Nadya, you are bang on the money. Loving the longer lengths.

I’m moving to California with you . I’m done here . And further to this topic , as a wearer of tunics and leggings , I would NOT go so far as to call the look stylish or fashion forward or even terribly interesting . Dresses over jeans or slim pants : yes , but that’s an entirely different look to me . I wear the tunic / leggings uniform at home or for going grocery shopping or to the garden centre etc , but never for work or social occasions . I don’t see it as necessarily flattering , rather it allows me to move around with ease and not be fussing with my clothes . It is not sophisticated and can look maternity - ish , but what the heck else do you wear around the house that isn’t jeans or sweats ?

Lets go, Lisa p. Southern California's coast has ideal weather for the type of clothing I like to wear best. It's a sunny -3 today in Seattle. I want heat....