I love the pants and the colorful top and think the white sneakers are perfect with the look. The only one that looks a bit out of place to me is the long grey cardigan. I do understand how you are feeling though, I think a lot of people are feeling out of sorts now that life is starting to return to BC(ovid) times. I definitely am feeling some style confusion lately. I enjoyed the thoughtful comments above too!

Thanks, Jaime. I'm guessing your style confusion could also be related to the (less than stellar) haircut experience you had recently. That long cardi is really quite a loner these days, now that I'm not wearing skinny jeans much.

Firecracker, I would have the same problem with plum pants. Today I am wearing burgundy pants with navy. The only good thing is that they are a winter weight pull-on style. I like your outfit #2 best. That is an enviable jacket!

Fun pants and very interesting outfits - love #1-3!
The longer cardigan in grey color is the more tricky one - may work better in the same outfit with solid bag or scarf in dark plum color ( or some other color from your fab printed top ). I would still wear it if its warm/comfortable .
My problem with wardrobe pieces is this: I want to wear my work clothes ( a bit dressier than the rest ) on my off days, mixing it with casual pieces. It's not completely happening - still want to do old fav jeans, tee and shirt ( takes effort to do it differently ).

Firecracker, your new hairstyle looks chic, sophisticated and sporty to my eye! I’m not sure about you, but my experience as a wavy/curly hair person is that my hair turns out differently every day, so I had to make peace with that but I rely on my stylist to provide a shape that will look good frizzy, fluffy, curly, wavy, flat, or some combo!

Of the jackets, I like every version, but prefer the first two. Sewing denim is tough! The denim jacket is amazing! I have extra admiration for your skills after trying to create a skirt from some torn jeans. I purchased what I thought were the correct needles and thread for the job, but my needle broke multiple times anyway…..my machine is a Pfaff, (twin to Runcarlas).

I din't read comments. I like them all(the darker ones for fall) but for a fresh spring look especially LOVE nr 1-2! Nr 4 is a close follower. Love the new cut!

Love the pants, but not crazy about any of the toppers with them. Janet's suggestion could work, or a more fitted denim jacket, or a shorter blazer. Something short and structured.
I have the same trouble with my burgundy wide leg pants!

First of all beautiful pants . I like the best no 2, with white, maybe as I love white in spring and summer.

Joy, thanks for your thoughts. Your burgundy outfit was really nice. I thought when I saw it that I don't see you in burgundy very often (maybe I've missed the outfits or you haven't shown them as much here, too), but you had all the pieces to make a very cohesive look. Thanks for the compliment on the jacket.
Slim cat, thanks for the ideas. I can understand your challenge in trying to change things up. This no-jeans challenge is giving me something to think about every day, since my daily default is jeans. It's a fun puzzle, though.
Gosh, Staysfit, how nice. I'm glad to hear you see my hairstyle as achieving the goals! You are so right about wavy hair; that's my experience, too. Kind of never-a-dull-morning, when you find out what the look is going to be today. My hair stylist is really good with curls; she can read what my hair is wanting to do and work with it. Her hair is curly, too. And thanks for the denim jacket appreciation. I've broken needles on thick fabrics before--not fun. This denim was medium weight and easy to sew, with no seams of too many layers.
Thank you, Lyn and Mirjana. I felt like 1-2 was the most spring-like of the bunch, too.
suntiger, I appreciate your thoughts. I seem to have just overlooked my closer fitting jean jackets.

I like the darker colors of 3 and 5, and I like that the denim jacket has a bit of structure to balance the flowy bottoms. However, as others have mentioned, the "vibe" maybe doesn't go exactly right; I think it's sort of 40's vintage and you need something more street/architectural/futuristic for these bottoms. I like some of the options you posted, I think you're on the right track!

I hear you about closet editing. I get that itch around this time of year almost always. I have taken a run at it a couple times but the only time I have to focus on it is in the evening when the light is bad and I'm just too exhausted. I had a day off after my second covid vax and planned to do it then but I couldn't even get out of bed most of the day! Plus....I keep looking at my clothes and not wanting to get rid of anything...LOL. So I've just been adding amazing items and crossing my fingers that somehow it will all work out...I know. Not the greatest strategy. I need to do like you and get some outfit labs going...

I’d hang on to these pants. Love the harem styling and feel like you might not be able to get this styling later on.
Great sneakers!
My favourite outfit is the one with the denim jacket.

Jenava, I, too, prefer a darker topper with the pants. And I ended up wearing the charcoal cardigan with them most of the day. I think if I keep them for fall rather than trying to make them work for spring, I'll be happier! I have fall/winter stuff that goes with them. I also see what you mean about the vibe of the denim jacket versus the pants. Sounds like you needed that day off for the covid-vax hangover. I lost a day and a half with it, too. I just need to commit to the wardrobe edit. I'm laughing along with you at your strategy--I could say mine is a kind of corollary: if I keep adding things, the outfits are bound to appear, aren't they? In fact, I do have things in mind when I add pieces, but they don't always work out as planned, especially the ones I make.
Smittie, thanks for the encouragement. Good point about the style of the pants. I do like it, and you really can't get much more comfortable. They even still look pretty darned good at the end of the day, with minimal wrinkling and no bagging out. They would be good for travel.

I haven’t read all the comments above but I absolutely love the pants. However to me the overall look is a bit dark for late Spring, at least with a long sleeve topper. But I know Spring can be cold. Could you try scrunching your sleeves to show a bit more skin? That said, I think the outfits are great and I of all people of course support wearing burgundy all year round. It’s just that if you are not feeling it that might be why. Cold Spring is a style challenge for those who prefer more muted palettes.

Brooklyn, I think you are right, the pants are difficult color for me to work into a spring look. And good point about the season being difficult for muted palettes. I want to brighten things up while staying warm and staying with colors that make sense for me; I could probably do two out of three easily. Ha!

I have a similar issue with this pair of pants, which I wore today, in fact, although not very successfully, IMO! They are linen, but very heavy, so they will not work in summer. Today I'm wearing them with a textured cream blouse, but the vibe is off. I think these need something very streamlined and simple, like a white or colored tee. I've worn mine with navy, and I think red will work here as well because they have red embroidery on the pocket edges and at the cuff. It was show modeled with purple, so that's also an option.

Add'l ideas for yours:
1. plain white tee under the grey jacket, leaving the trousers as the only color.
2. solid colored tee in a clashing/shade/tone of the color of the pants.
3. blue-based neutral, like you've done with the grey, in something sleek or architectural (like that cropped denim jacket), or denim with the right Avant Garde


Ooh, thanks for those ideas, Jenava!