Karen, these are really, really ridiculously cute! How is the fit? TTS? I will also be curious to know how much they stretch out over time. My right big toenail seems to be healing up (flamenco) but I still try to be careful not to put shoe pressure on it. I really luuuuuuurve those pointed toes, though!

Ack! Would y'all stop showing these gorgeous slip on shoes. It's making me want them soooooo bad - lol!

More love. Especially for the pale grey. Angie, is the sneaker trend still going strong for summer?

Fit: I have bunions and have a hard time with pointy toe shoes. These are run big, I normally take and 8 and went down to 7.5. Somehow they are wide enough over the instep and forefoot (is that a body part?) that all my toes have plenty of space. The leather is pretty solid so about moulding I do not know yet. I wear them without socks because I like to be able to leave them at the front door and dash out. But one could use a sock designed to "hide" in sneakers.

These sneakers are perfect for the "non sneaker" girl who wants a sporty alternative to a ballet flat or driving loafer.

Very interested in these sneakers. Thanks for the review. Everlane is bringing out a similar pair but at a higher price point. May definitely try the Trouve pair.

These look great on you. Not sure I can do the pointy thing with my toes!
What I like about them is how they blend pointy with a kind suppleness, in appearance at least. Makes them look sportier than typical pointy flats, but refined at same time. I can see why you like them.