I'm so glad I read this! I bought a pair of grey booties during NAS and luckily they seem to match, or at least not clash with what I thought I could pair them with. I think they are cool toned so my clothing must be as well. I was planning on wearing them with burgundy, pink, white, black, grey, and creme colored tops. I know there will be some grey on grey color variance but I no longer feel I need to match exactly.

This maybe has nothing to do with your question, but when you said "grey leather " - I was interested . Apart from the obvious cool vs warm tonal issues , I find grey leather can look incredibly cheap and plasticky . I have a few pair of grey shoes - all in the cooler tones I think- and the only ones that look really luxe are a suede and metallic grey grey combo bootie. I have a pair of grey wedges ( sandals) that I've posted here before that are so cool, so comfortable , so stylish , but at the end of the day, they look super fake because of the colour. I just shrug my shoulders and wear them anyways because I love them so much - but grey leather in bags and boots/ shoes is a tough one .

Lisa, you are really onto something.  And to those who prefer metallic footwear, I agree - my pewter flats go with everything where I feel flat grey leather would not.  So what do you all think of this shade of grey?

Glad I'm not the only one who finds grey not so versatile!  And Gryffin, faded black is right up my alley!