I really like it on you a lot, if you can work with the sleeve length somehow. I'm also not wild about these lengths either -- I'm not even crazy about tees with 3/4 length sleeves for some reason, even though I happily scrunch them and roll shirt sleeves. Don't know why, just a preference!

I hope it's there when you go back. I'm very pro-bracelet sleeves but I realize I have very long arms so they work well on me. But that aside, I love this jacket on you!!!

This looks really great on you. I hope you find it and figure out how to live with the sleeves.

I hope you can find it and it works out for you, because it definitely looks fab on you.

Ack! Not available in my size at the store or online.... oh well. Will keep an eye out online as I suspect there will be returns....

I really like the look especially from the back. Very pretty cut.

I don't like bracelet length sleeves either.

A shame about the deal-breaking sleeve length, since this does look terrific on you.

Diana, I think it walked right out of the stores...I went to try it on today. I found it in 3 sizes (not yours, alas, and not mine, either, as it happened). I think I was probably between sizes. The one I tried was a touch wide in the shoulder and through the bust/ body, maybe passable, but I ended up liking the tweed jacket on me much more. Anyway, the SA told me that people had snapped it up like candy and was actually amazed I'd found it at all -- I found them hiding behind a bunch of other stuff, maybe put there by people hoping to come back for them!

Yup the SA at my store told me the same thing. She even checked the one on the mannequin for me. Ah well. I suspect they will have some returns in the coming weeks so I'll keep an eye out.

I bought myself some crazy pants as a consolation prize. Bonus they were only $17!


I wore one of my Smythe blazers today with the ( albeit full length ) sleeve placket unbuttoned and folded back - and thought of you every time I looked at it . I like a jacket worn irreverently like that Hope you find your size .

Excellent crazy pants! I hope the blazer turns up because it's a great look on you.

This blazer is my unicorn! I tried it and the stance was off in a way that bothered me. I need a petite, except they were gone. I did buy it when I found my size because I knew it would disappear, but sadly had to return it. I bought the top in the similar gray print to compensate

I do agree that returns will pop up once the people who ordered it during the massive sale receive and evaluate it.

I just checked the site and there was one available!!!! The order went through but I hope it won't be canceled. Fingers crossed....

Diana, this must be your lucky day. It's sold out again.

Jaileen, I think it was literally just one blazer that had been returned and I happened to check the site at the right time. I hope it's real and not a phantom though! (Nordstrom for example seems to cancel popback orders a lot on me; I've never tried doing it at Loft so we shall see.)

Crossing fingers!