It’s really cute at this new length, and I like how you’re playing with styling!

Mine was getting too heavy and long in the top, so I took the razor to it yesterday — I managed to not do too badly at it, and it was behaving a bit better today, even despite the humidity! My hair grows so darn fast — it’s part of why I stopped coloring it.

This looks great. Very pretty textured look. I will give it a go.

Did you put any product in it afterwards to make it last?

I tried doing that back in the day with a clothes iron... Really sucky timing that the phone rang while I was waiting for it to heat up.

Beautiful hair, I love it in you.

Thanks, everyone!

Bijou, yes the back is harder to do.....mine is a bit of a mess, but I will practice.

Brooklyn, no product afterwards, but spray is a good idea.

Janet, you are handy with the razor!

Irina, Jenn and kkards, soooo much more hair to play with now. Having fun! Good distraction from the heavy world we live in these days....


Karie, it sucks to be unhappy with a cut. Give it two weeks, and hopefully better!

Slim Cat, trying to get there!

Mirjana, you are lovely.

Helena and Kelly, you rock your flat iron waves!

Suntiger and April, thanks for the extra info!

My hair has grown longer during the pandemic. Isolating now as I was exposed to the latest variant. DDIL who had been staying with us has it and was fully vaxed and is isolating at their home with no drinking water. This is the fifth day.

Anyway I have been pulling my hair back and up for a simple bun for summer. It is so easy and even works on wet hair. One pin hold it.
Your waves are lovely!

April, that made me laugh so hard! Thank you!

And Angie, yes, my hair is wavier in Ontario. What happened was that the parts she cuts into wisps (bangs, sideburns) that lie flat in BC wave/ kink up something fierce in Ontario. In Ontario I had a pixie, too, but of course the stylist was cutting within the context so she probably left those end pieces a bit heavier/ chunkier or something. Who knows? Both stylists definitely were of the "work with that is there" philosophy and would sometimes cut dry to see how things would fall out in real life. My hair is a lot easier to manage in BC than it was in Ontario but does not seem as thick.

This looks great Angie! Great inspo for me!!

Beautiful eyes, beautiful skin, beautiful smile topped by gorgeous hair. What's not to love?

Oh, Joy. I hope you stay COVID-free. Sending healing thoughts to your tribe. And you have BEAUTIFUL silver hair!

Suz, I understand EXACTLY what you mean. Also, your fringe was shorter in Ontario to help it mind its manners

Sal, let us know how your experimentation goes!

Jaime, oh my word, I'm blushing. Thank you

So pretty and so soft!! Love it on you!! Trying to kill my wave. Will post comparison of new drybar tools fyi

I love your natural hair Angie. My new natural hair is also in much better condition and more soft than it has been in years. Even though I have always read grey hair can be wiry and dry, quite the contrary for me. My hubs also loves my natural hair fortunately. Usually my dyed hair was an absolute frizz-ball mess in humid August and not so now, so happy! Even though I still get the odd not nice comment from some ladies in my town I love it.

Thank you!

Gryffin, got it

Star, I'm pleased for you! High five to you, hubs, and ignore the silly ladies in your town. ROCK ON.