Haha, krish: I read ‘degenerative’ grammar at first...

UO lookbook pics do seem to involve a lot of sunshine... I wouldn’t buy their shoes, but I find their quality ok. But anyways, what I think is that they’re ‘street’, which shares some qualities with badass, but is not entirely synonymous.

So, ya, that’s kinda why I like 1-6 a little more than 7. # 1-6 have less sunshine, lol. More likely to have ‘degenerative grammar.’ Lol - have you ever seen this English grammar book: https://books.google.com/books.....ead_button

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You definitely don't have stumpy legs!

# 1 and #6: I really loved #1 (with or without the jacket) and #6. Both outfits have flawless proportions - and it is hard to put shorts+leggings without creating a sort of 80's teen-ish vibe, but both look youthful without looking teen-ish at all. Really loved both.
#5 has good proportions too, but I think the top and the boots sort of clash a little bit - they have different vibes/styles (but I think it would work with your leather jacket).
#7 proportions look a little odd to me. It's just my opinion, but I believe the light shorts + dark belt/dark between dark top and legs sort of break the outfit in many separate parts (maybe dark jeans would put all pieces together).

Rach, you crack me up! Thank you for the link. This book is a little gem! My god the examples are hilarious. I'm asking our English department to get it.
Degenerative grammar lol. Degenerative Grammair Disease (DGD, as in, "Ya know, You ain't know shit 'bout life or nothin' t'ill you got DGD, man. I have it you has it then what the matter, y'know what I meeeeeean?") could very well be what many of my students are unfortunately afflicted with, but they are brave, and like the good little troopers they are they read Émile Zola.
Which personally floors me.
I'm the lucky one.
Ok so outfits with the Annie 50 shorts are more degenerative, which is the direction I want.
Marina, thank you for underlining the proportions! It's something I'm sensitive about, and your comment opens my eyes on what is it I don't like so much about my TH shorts. They are low waist! Argh, they should join the pile with all the other rejects from my recent purge. I think I will be looking for the same shorts, but higher waist which *should* be an easier thing this year. In any case, I am grateful for your detailed analysis, and also for reassuring me. That was very thoughtful of you.