I'm heading out to Melbourne, Florida tomorrow for a destination wedding. Daytime temps will be mid to upper 70's and evening temps will be in the 50's. I'll be gone for 4 days, with the morning of the 1st and 4th days spent in flight (so really 2 full days in FL plus the afternoon/evening of the first day). Here's what I'm packing:

For the flights: Gap resolution jeans, J Crew popover tunic (the sleeves fold down to full length (for cold airplane temps) and fold up to the shorter length (for warm Florida). This outfit's pretty plain so I'll add the chunky pearl necklace and a pair of patterned flat shoes (not pictured, but similar to the SE snakeskin flats).

For the rehearsal dinner: I'm bring the tube skit for the rehearsal dinner, and will wear it with the J Crew printed drapey popover top and the matching Caryn cardi for AC/cooler evening temps. The chunky pearl necklace and a stack of pearl bracelets will add some bling.

For the wedding, I'm wearing the Talbots dress in my Finds, with a short black sweater (similar to the J Crew ones but a little shorter) for the AC (wedding is outdoor, reception is indoor) and for when it gets cooler in the evening. The chunky pearl necklace will bookend the white/tan Franko Sarto's that will be on my feet. 

For the beach day: The J Crew shorts with the embroidered front tee, and for the cooler evening, the Gap boyfriend jeans. 

Extras: I'm bringing the BR V hem top along just in case of any unexpected surprises (spills, stains, rips, etc) as it can be worn with the jeans, crops, and skirt. 

For my feet: The Franco Sarto's (for the dress, skirt, and boyfriend jeans), flip flops (for the shorts and bathing suit) and my SE patterned flats (jeans/airport/if my feet are cold).

I wasn't going to bring a coat, just the poncho. Do you think this is a mistake? I do have a lightweight black and white trench (not pictured) that I could bring instead of the poncho. I thought the poncho would be better for the plane since it wraps like a blanket (and folds up small to go in the suitcase). I'm thinking about bringing the scarf, but probably won't need it for the plane if I wear the poncho.

Also, should I bring the silver Trina sandals to wear with the dress? That would be the only thing I would wear them with as I don't like cold feet, and I think it will be too cold to wear them with the skirt to the rehearsal dinner in the evening.

Everything fits in a carry on. So what say you? Poncho or trench and scarf? Sandals for one time wear or leave them home?