If Greg and Mr. April should ever meet, they'll enjoy talking programming and the satisfactions of the grey-and-black uniform.

That’s amazing! Did he coordinate with Inge to find you? So sneaky!

Lovely surprise! The photos are great, I like when you go on trips because then we get to see your outfit photos.

What a wonderful and heartwarming surprise! You are such a lovely couple!

That is so incredibly wonderful. I am speechless with delight for the two of you.

Good things happen to good people

You are ALL sooooo nice. Thank you soooooo much for your awfully kind words. I'm touched.

Joy, it was a surprise for my Dad, and he loved it.

Jenn, Greg texted Inge the night before so that he knew where to surprise me on the street.

Karen13, fun that our Dads look alike.

Suz, Dutch pancakes are the BEST. I bet you'd like them.

April, indeed. I'm Greg's colourful accessory.

Your husband is so sweet! I love seeing your travel capsule in action. All the colors really brighten up the day.

That is so dashing and romantic!

Squee! Did you scream?! I just did!!

Greg is a keeper - such a lovely thing to do. Wasn’t your anniversary too?

What a sweetie! Beautiful pictures.

Thanks so much. I appreciate the kind words.

Cheryl, it was our 22nd wedding anniversary two days ago, so not in the Netherlands, but close enough

Wow best surprise ever!! To have your two best men to yourself!! Beyond wonderful!! Gorgeous photos. Favorites you and your papa!! May there be many, many, many more wonderful surprises in store!!

Pictures are absolutely delightful and Greg and your Dad eating pizza deserves to be framed. Greg is a real, classic romantic hero.
You look wonderful in every outfit but #10 is out of this world maximalism, polished Angie style!

p.s. Seeing these pictures I cannot resist adding my latest Grangie haircut - complete with vintage faux pearls I had literally just thrifted .

Wow, what a wonderful surprise! So romantic. Beautiful pictures. You look terrific in all outfits, but my favorite is with pink sweater.

Wow, this is the best surprise I ever heard of ! And I understand it was also for your Dad. That Greg is incredible !

You are stunning in the pink sweater, but I must say Greg’s surprise outshines the wardrobe this time around!

Taking a trans-continental and trans-Atlantic flight like that to be with you for three days is LOVE.

Greg is the best, what a wonderful surprise.

Wow, thats wonderful! What an amazing surprise And i love the furry horses!

Amazing and lovely surprise! Lucky girl!

What a fun surprise! there is nothing like traveling with your favorite person! I love that leopard coat so much I can hardly see anything else.

That's the sweetest thing ever! You are both so lucky!

THANK YOU, ladies. I appreciate your gracious comments.

Jamie, KILLER new 'do. I think my favourite ever - and you crack me up

Thank you Angie! I am always delighted to crack you up !

The shortest distance between two people is laughter

Great pictures and how thoughtful of Greg. Wonderful to have his presence as you are there for your father. My smile of the day!

What an awesome surprise! And the pink blouse is stunning on you, and I want that stripey sweater, and I need that little fuzzy pony, and I'm probably squealing so loudly with delight that my neighbors think we're slaughtering a piglet LOL