Next week DH is off to Albuquerque to visit a client, and I’m tagging along a day later for a trip of 5 days total, where we'll spend one full day in Santa Fe. We both adore the American Southwest and have spent a lot of time in Arizona, and are looking forward to visiting New Mexico. I was in Albuquerque on a brief business trip over 30 years ago but DH has never been there, and Santa Fe will be new for both of us. We're keeping the trip on the short side because this is prime gardening time for us at home.

I’ve been researching the climate, including reading Sara L’s postings. It’s high desert, with Albuquerque at 5300 ft and Santa Fe at 7100, so very dry and very strong sun, both quite different from my more humid sea level climate. Temps can vary 30 or 40 degrees in one day, and/or 30 degrees between the bottom and the top of some popular mountain hikes like Mt Sandia. This time of year the averages are low 50s overnight and low 80s during the day and it’s often very windy. I’m going to stick with mostly long pants and closed toe shoes. Here is what I’m thinking for a travel seems like a lot so I might pare it down but I do need a lot of different types of layers

2 days plane travel (they will be full/longish days) – jeans, booties, light pullover, knit jacket, scarf

3 days out and about incl 4 evenings – 2 pr grey jeans, 2 short sl tops, another light pullover, denim jacket, black sneakers

A few additional pieces – sandals, black jeans, a brighter print top, bathing suit and indoor flats (hotel has indoor AND outdoor pools) and
a few scarves…might throw in another top or two since they don’t take much space, just possibly a pair of shorts

For hiking/outdoor – windbreaker, stuffable light puffer vest, spf hat, long Sl T, maybe hiking shoes

Would love to hear any comments or suggestions, especially from Sara L or any other fabbers who live in this area or similar climates, or have visited same.