I'm putting together my capsule for a 9-day trip to Florida next week. It's neutral-heavy and ├╝ber-casual for theme park days. The two days on either end are travel days, but neither is solely travel, as we'll have half-days at our destination for both of them.

I'm able to do laundry on this trip and will do so at least once. Weather will be in the 90s and humid, with a potential for afternoon thunderstorms. Though I don't wear shorts, I compensate with dresses and lots of natural fibers. Also, I'm a light packer, but I want enough clothing to be able to change after an afternoon swim break on several of the days.

Shoes: Allbirds runners, leather Chucks, Bed Stu sandals.
Dresses: black maxi, linen shift
Tops: black linen shell, relaxed black silk tank, black cotton crossover tank (yeah, I wear a lot of black), striped cotton tee, ivory crochet-top cotton tee, relaxed viscose ivory crochet-top tank
Bottoms: linen slouchy pants, relaxed twill pants, denim skirt
Toppers: Wool poncho (mostly for plane, and in Denver, where it will be in the mid-40s the morning we leave), silk kimono (can also be worn as a scarf)
Accessories: Fossil shopper, Fossil crossbody, sunhat

Not shown: swimsuit, swim coverup, underpinnings, sleepwear, rain poncho, long and short necklaces

I think I'm good to go. Any huge gaps?