The link works for me. I shall put the question to the tech experts. (I’ve posted on Technical Support).

JamC found a work around.

Sounds like a fabulous trip! I worry about being cold and I also overpack so a carryon would never work for me! You have a great capsule here.

We loved Kew Gardens when we went last fall! And so many fun things to do in London. We can't wait to go back. Enjoy!

Love your travel capsule and the dress for the wedding! What a great ideea watching the 10 minute YouTube videos of London street style-for updated inspo!

Oh so clever to use Finds to block out all your outfits. I love the assortment and you seemed well prepared for whatever the English weather will have in store for you. The dress for the wedding is especially nice.

About packing an umbrella. After that caused my luggage to be continuously searched, I started buying cheap umbrellas in the UK from street vendors or sidewalk displays. They were cute and I was tempted a little bit to carry them home. But not when I thought of those searches. Better to buy for about $1 if needed, then abandon where someone else will pick it up and enjoy it, often from an umbrella stand. The spokes of. Folded umbrella look suspicious when seen by an x-ray machine.
Replace one pair of pants with a skirt that can be worn with you’d tops and add warm tights for the skirt, possibly also to wear for warmth under pants. You are taking too many coats. Take one that is waterproof with a hood. Think damp cloudy days and rain.