Of course, you are completely correct, Well Dressed Guy. It might be prudent for Rosee to keep her heels until such time she is ready to purge them from her wardrobe. I personally know the challenges of finding shoes that I like that are both wide enough and comfortable. There is certainly no harm whatsoever in keeping the shoes just in case.

Welcome to the Forum, Well Dressed Guy. I hope to hear your wise and considerate thoughts on future posts. Best wishes.

Fashintern, I think you may have misunderstood my post. We are thinking the same thing. You told the OP that she might as well just go with the flats, which is exactly what I suggested to her for work. Where we differ is that you suggested getting rid of the heels altogether, while I suggested keeping them, to give herself the option of wearing them, or not wearing them, for other things in life when she may want to wear the heels, when she is not on her feet for so long. If she was truly ready to swear them off, she would not need advice from an internet forum. There is nothing wrong with that, but many were suggesting getting shoes that she likes, for work, and having only those shoes for non-work. I saw a way that no one else suggested, to give herself the option of wearing them again, or not wearing them again, if she so chooses. I hope I have cleared things up. Unless you were talking about a different topic.

Sterling, your post was very kind. Thank you. I will try my best.

Hi from me too Well Dressed Guy. We have had a few guys over the past 2 years on the forum and a bit of a masculine viewpoint is always appreciated! Otherwise we really only have our significant male others if we have them, and occasionally our sons. Many male SOs and sons are not very interested really and we get a "you looked fine" sort of response which is not detailed enough to help. If I get a compliment from husband I take it I look better than usual

Nothing too high a heel if they cause physical pain/discomfort, even if you do love 'em.

Keep a couple of the pairs you *love* for special wearings. For work, I think patents and metallic finishes elevate any flat to a dressy level. As well as a pointy or almond toe.

I agree with WDG. I guess I don't see the point of getting rid of all heels unless they are truly uncomfortable. I have heels that I wear for occasions when I know I won't be walking long distances. They're not uncomfortable per se but I wouldn't wear them for a full day of work. At 5'5" with relatively short legs I do like the extra height--but I have found that I no longer wear anything over 2 1/2 ." I can't wear totally flat shoes, but 2" seems pretty comfortable to me these days.