Hi ladies,

I'm new to the forum and I'm currently trying to change my style from rather quirky and bright, which I enjoyed in my early twenties, to something a little more classic but still fun as I approach thirty. I just finished graduate school and started my first actual job, which happens to be across the country from everywhere I've ever lived.

I am trying to trim down my wardrobe for my upcoming move. I've been trying to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle the last few years (handy on a grad student budget) but the one area I always fail is my wardrobe. My closet isn't overflowing, and isn't full of old or ill-fitting things, but I think I would generally like to have a smaller closet full of pieces I really love, and this move is the perfect time to do that.

The idea of a small, functional wardrobe always sounds great, until I go shopping... So I guess my question is: how do you manage to change your shopping/closet mentality? And for those of you with small wardrobes, how do you get over the fear of not having enough options, even if you rarely wear some of them?

Thanks and I'm looking forward to any thoughts and/or advice!