Nice, i think it will be a nice place for us, thanks.


Spammer much, kk?

KK - MaryK is a lawyer, you know. A very stylish one and I don't think that she wears Nike. ( As Sparky would say..."Just sayin' " )

Hi gals,
very cool topic. I'm a clothing designer and always was dreaming about piece of clothing that would resolve all 4 problems : cost, versatility, comfort and style. Finally I came up to it: I named it MetroTude. You can google it and see what a wonderful garment it is! It can be a dress(office dress, sexy dress, cocktail dress- you name it!), it can be a top(sweater, off shoulders, one shoulder, cowlneck , hooded and many more!) and also it is a scarf in 4 variations. I love this piece, now all my friends love it. We are going forvard and doing our best to place it to Market and I know it is a great product!!!!