2023 has been a ‘big shop’ year for me with over 30 new items. I didn’t go over budget, but came right up to the mark! New acquisitions this year have been such winners, I could easily double the 5 I’ve identified below!

#1 Kensie Juliette Highrise jeans - have turned out to be perfect-for-me utilitarian bottoms. They were budget friendly at $39 CAD and after trying them on and finding them so perfectly right for my body, I bought two pair. The year isn’t over yet, and I’ve worn them over 90 times (ave. 45x each).

#2 white Converse low top in leather. I love my Converse sneakers, and the leather ones were an upgrade. I reach for these all the time.

#3 after several summers of thick cotton shorts and jean cutoffs, I picked up a pair of performance fabric shorts at Eddie Bauer before a February holiday in a hot climate. When I got home, I ordered 2 more in different colours. 21, 24, and 30 wears each. Light weight, easy care game changers! They are packed away, but I will be glad to see them when summer comes ‘round.

4 red bark cloth Hawaiian shirt. Thrifted late in the summer season, this fun top brought me joy every time I wore it, and just seeing it in my closet makes me happy

5 a recent purchase, this lined, light weight, wool blend (45%) coat has been a fab addition to my closet. Living in a cold place where a coat is the outfit, this piece punches above its weight.

Honourable mention: I bought a Revlon air brush after Helena posted about it. This device has been a game changer for my winter time hair management. I can dry my hair in under 10 minutes after a swim, and have no need of a flat iron or use other styling tools afterwards.

From the five items I’ve chosen (and my closet - in Finds, if you care to look) you’ll see I skew heavily towards classic casual clothing appropriate to a retiree-on-the-go lifestyle. My faves aren’t particularly exciting, but they make me happy. My closet is working for me, and I’m having fun wearing what I own. I’m not hankering for anything in particular, and for once I’m going into a new year without feeling any urgency to evolve my style!