Oh no! Praying for you and the other driver/occupants!

I had been afraid to, but my Dh looked up the accident. So far it appears there were two occupants for the other vehicle. One had head injuries and the other leg injuries, but right now it appears that both are stable and will recover. I will continue to hold them in my thoughts, and I am all too aware of how lucky I am.

Regarding the blazer (back on topic! Sorry for derailing my own thread!), I just adore it. It is structured enough to provide the architectural touch some outfits need, and while any leather is slightly stiff to begin with, the blazer was barely so and loosened up with just one wear so it feels like an old friend - but still looks new. I carry a large leather tote much of the time, and the blazer seems to suffer no ill effects from carrying leather straps on either the shoulder or the arm. Some lambskins are so delicate that they will rub with even minimal wear.

I have tried it with midi skirts, dresses and pants, and they all work beautifully. It is just that perfect length that can go with either dresses or pants, which is rare for me to find. I generally prefer long jackets with pants and shorter with dresses.

Anyway, as I said earlier, the Studio Blazer from WHBM is a winner for me in any iteration, so it just makes sense that the leather version works as well. It was a good investment, and I am very pleased I purchased it. I tend to hang onto new purchases and overthink them and often return them, but this was a team wear, and I am so glad.

How absolutely frightening, Echo. Relieved to hear you are okay, although understandably, somewhat shaken up. Take care.