Is it too early?

I'm not much good at transitioning. Usually I wear winter tops until it is too hot, then wear summer tops with denim and cotton jackets. Our springs are short and cool.

I have an opportunity to do some B&M shopping the third week of February. It might be my only opportunity to do any B&M shopping this year. However, it is at a weird time of year for me. I'd just decided not to actively pursue any more winter clothing -- I wouldn't mind a few more pieces, but the time and energy economy of hunting down end-of-season stuff and ordering, waiting two weeks and returning isn't worth it this time of the season.

I do have an idea about what I want for summer and can go to regular retail or stores like Nordies Rack and outlets.

Do I neglect to shop and save my money? Go looking for winter bargains? Or start shopping for summer looking for my list?

Is it too early to have a list?

I really want to find:

a pair of tan twill pants
bf jeans
track pants
a black tube skirt
light wash bootcuts
slipper flats
white leather cons
black slip on sneakers
red flats
a dress
a sleeveless gallery blouse
a plaid cotton casual button down
a linen or white and blue stripe button down
several tank tops for weekends
several graphic tees
several drapey tees
and possibly another light jacket or two