Fabulous ! Hope Inge is enjoying her visit.

So happy this came true for you!

Gorgeous ladies having a great day...makes my heart smile!

Sorry to have missed brunch and meeting you Viva, but sounds like you guys had the characteristic Fabber gathering!

Your happiness is so evident! It must have been an incredible time. Great to see you, Inge!

Looks so fun! Yay!

Love the picture. You all look great. It was great yo see a picture of Inge with you lovely ladies!

Awwww, so much fabness!!! I wish I could have made it out to Seattle for one of these gatherings. You all look gorgeous and happy. This made me smile.

What a lovely group of ladies! It sounds like a wonderful meet up...so happy for you!

You all look super Fab, and absolutely brightened my morning

Oh the picture turned out so cute! How fun, thanks for posting it Vivian ^^ Breakfast was a blast, I really enjoyed getting to meet and spend time with you, Beth, Inge and of course seeing Angie again is always lovely <3

Aida, we are REALLY making up for not seeing each other for a while last year. Super fun. xo

Yes we definitely are, Angie! I'm OK with that