I think you are going to look amazing with a pixie! I love #5 best.

Very interesting, Amiable! According to that, a very short cut is not the best for me. I am like Imogen with 6.5 cm from ear lobe to chin, and my eyes aren't particularly big.

It sounds like I may be on the right track with what I'm envisioning. Like I said, none of the pics are The One. I think if I could combine the bluntness of #1 with the length of #5 and the roundish shape of #3, I'd be okay.

Maybe need another name to refer to haircuts between bob length and pixie length (perhaps this exists already and I just don't know).

I like #5 for you -- I would call it a modified very short bob vs. a pixie. I still think a pixie would be great, too -- but not if you are worried about it. If that makes sense.

According to Imogen's guidelines I also should not look good in a pixie. Whatever.

Oh - and I have SUPER thick hair and do not find it difficult to manage in a pixie -- in fact, it is the only way I CAN manage it. All the layering deals with the problem. Then again, my hair is relatively fine as well as thick, which may be the important factor. Not sure.

LOVE #5. If I were you, I'd try that one first. Chunky, textured, messy - perfect!

Another vote for #5. I think you would be totes adorbs!!

Oh yes #5 with a back similar to this
http://www.ukhairdressers.com/.....l1=Annette Bradford

This one also says rugged fairy and is both choppy and sleek
http://www.ukhairdressers.com/.....tyl1=Vidal Sassoon

I'm going to add another vote against Imogen's rules - every time I see a list of features that go with a pixie cut, I don't have 'em - and I love my hair.

Of course I can't find a picture now in which my hair looks good, but I am damn sure that the only thing you need to rock a pixie cut - or even a shaved head (see photo) is confidence and not-giving-a-crap-itude.

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So glad RoseandJoan picked up the VS rugged fairy cut! That's exactly the exploded VS look that I was trying to search for. I can't imagine you in exact copies of either of the two classic VS cuts that posted earlier. Sleek with a touch of androgyny doesn't seem very you. A touch of androgyny and rough, bedhead, tousled sexy punkiness does. With my pics, I was thinking more of where the weight line was and how short the back was. (See, that's why I'd be a horrible hair cutter--I'd never be able to communicate what my vision was.) Add the roughness of your choice 5 or what R&J or Cindy suggested, and wow!

You need a punky pixie!

Sounds fun, whatever you decide. I had a pixie for many years and I loved it. It seems you never have a bad hair day when your hair is short.

Pixie! Pixie! Pixie! Or some iteration thereof! You'll look amazing - and your hair seems to grow fast enough that if you don't love it (except you'll totally love it!) you'll be back to a short bob in no time.

I think you would look good in a pixie but really like the length of #5 as well. If you do cut a pixie and don't like it, it would grow out to #5's length really quickly.

Rae, I vote that you keep it a little longer than a pixie. I think Imogen's article is right. When I had a pixie people always said it suited me, and sure enough, I just measured and I have 5 cm from earlobe to chin, and I have big eyes. Everything that Imogen says makes sense. Like a lot of others here, I can see you with an Ashley Simpson-type cut, or the one that Jules suggests from Vidal Sassoon. (BTW, I don't know if you have a Vidal Sassoon salon near you but that's where I got my pixie cut and they are unbelievably great with short cuts). You have nice thick hair (color me super jealous) and I bet it will look smashing on you!