TJMaxx always seems to carry items from Italy, especially bags and sweaters, and occasionally they do an online promotion. Today I found a link on their home page to a new collection.

I've seen some of their Italian brand sweaters and bags in the stores and own a couple of bags, and the quality is quite good although I rarely recognize the brand names.. When ordering from TJMaxx there will be minimal sizing information, shoes in particular are often in very limited sizes, and you can't tell what the fabric, fit or quality will be like until you get them home. You have to be ok with all of that and be comfortable with your own ability to assess all these things before deciding to keep. I personally enjoy the hunt and find the discounted prices to make it worthwhile

There are 12 pages of items - bags and shoes (some very high end), sunglasses, sweaters, dresses tops, and LOTS of jewelry. Not many overcoats, pants, jeans.

I had some fun browsing and collecting this morning, and am thinking about ordering a few of them. I especially like the black floral pattern that comes in lots of different bag shapes. I will not be ordering the $5000 Valentino sequined dress only avail in size 40, but it is so gorgeous I had to collect it. It's at the end.

Hope some of you enjoy these. I'll leave the topic of what I was doing going through 12 pages of items at 6am on a Saturday morning for another day