I just discovered beachlunchlounge—fun!

SarahD8 - Thanks for the input! The tank tops will go back but I'm keeping the undies. I'm taking them on vacation next week and can report back.

FashIntern - smoking isn't cool, either literally or not literally.

bj1111 - I like their items for the price!

SarahD8, you're absolutely right about undies. Natural fibers absorb and hold moisture; their cooling effect comes from moving air hitting the slightly damp fabric. Undergarments don't provide much evaporative cooling because they're covered up, so you might as well go with wicking properties that move moisture outward. Most of my underwear are either synthetic or merino. I have a couple bamboo pairs, but they don't fit me terribly well so I don't reach for them.

Several beachlunchlounge items are currently on deep discount at century21 on line