It’s officially spring and time for me to think about my summer sandal collection. Since I don’t have much opportunity to add anything extra to summer outfits via my usual jackets or scarves, I rely on footwear to add an extra bit of modernity or edge to my outfits.

My collection is in Finds below. I’m happy with most of them. Some are pretty much house/pool shoes (the Tsonga flip flops), and I’m not super into the Pikolonos anymore, but otherwise, I anticipate wearing the rest. All of these are in pretty good to excellent shape, even the very old but truly beloved LD Tuttles, which I will probably never let go!

I’d moved away from metallics in the last year or so, wearing the white fisherman sandals a LOT last year, but I know metallics are trending so I’d consider embracing that again.

What looks super modern this year, and what am I lacking here, if anything? So far I haven’t been blown away by anything I’ve seen at retail, but it’s early. Honestly the styles don’t seem a huge departure from last year. Are the fisherman sandals still looking fresh? It occurs to me that there is very little color here, but my colors haven’t exactly been trending.