This is a hard topic for me. I have over 30 bags, mostly Rebecca Minkoff and Kate Spade. Many are smaller bags that I have fun rotating out. I have larger bags I carry to work, which I do rotate very few weeks. These are the general categories, and here's an area where I will get into numbers for there are a few random bags I've left out, including non-designer backpacks and also a couple of belt bags I have, and a clutch or two). I will divide these into work, small bags (for weekend etc) evening bags (too small for anything but going out in the evening; I have very few needs in this category). There's also a miscellaneous category including belt bags and convertible travel bag/backpack, and these aren't generally "designer" bags and all serve a purpose.

Work: 15 bags; plus a subset of 3 work bags I can carry with no fear in the rain, so 18 total
Small: 10
Evening: 5
Misc: 3

Right now, I propose to pass on one work bag, one small bag, one evening bag, and possibly one more work bag. Work bags are the obvious place to cut down, since they are harder to store but I love them all and it's hard, especially since I carefuylly didn't do too much shape or color duplication. I also use those more. I am moving within a year, and while I plan to have more space, I don't yet know what that space will look like, and it seems like a good time to cut down.

1. KS Pink Bag. I love this bag, but it's much too heavy for my everyday use, and I hate carrying it around the city. I've determined to consign this. I love the color so this is sad.

2. No find, but it's this bag:
Too hard to fit even my evening essentials, and not dressy enough for my true evening needs or big enough for my weekend or normal night out needs. I may have given this to a family member already, actually--I need to check.

3. RM tote. I can only use totes in the summer, as they slip off my shoulder when I wear coats (small shoulders). This is a stunning bag, so I want to wait for this summer to see if I carry it. I think I find it hard to coordinate with my outfits, though I don't often worry too much about that in the summer since I don't wear coats (easier to coordinate day to day) and don't switch my bags out daily (some of them need to live in deeper storage; I only keep a few within reach in the mornings). I would consign this if it doesn't work.

4. RM Mac Mini in grey. This is a nice bag but I'm off grey, and my other RM MAC or MAC mini bags make me happier. There is a small spot where the color rubbed off. I may give it to a family member.

Anyway, let me know what you think and if any of you have gone through this before and have tips. I'll post comments below with Finds for some of the rest of my bags, to give some context.