Thank you for all the opinions, friends! I think I will try them on in the store one more time doesn't hurt to try, right?

I think I've owned one ankle tie in my had different ties than these. Not as thick. It worked well for me, as a matter of fact. But the ties were less bulky.

Vivian, they really are a gorgeous red. They also come in pale grey and taupe/ tan -- both more like nudes -- but I'm partial to the red.

Adela, yes, they'd be for special occasions ... or (because they were surprisingly comfortable) maybe not *special* but occasions like drinks or dinner out with hubs or friends, parties, going to theatre. I wouldn't wear them to do the groceries or for my long walks.

I think the silver Campers are worth a shot. Unless you wear a true wide width. The toe box is square, which gives more room than some. My foot shape is medium width at front, relatively high but not thick arch/ instep, and very narrow heel. My sole concern with these is that the sling back might loosen over time. Unless it is snug enough it will fall off my heel. I think with summer heat and swelling it should be okay, though -- as long as the elastic does not stretch out too much. The heel is beautifully stable so they are a good sandal for walking in.

Sisi, this is one of my worries -- would they come undone with motion. My other worry is just the difficulty of tying them so they look good!

Pil, I love the ones you linked to, also, but my heart is set on red! Or fuchsia.

I love lace up shoes and I rarely have an issue with them coming undone and ankle wraps are similar. I generally prefer to tie the laces in a small square knot and that's pretty secure. I recently got a Halogen suede ankle tie and it stays tied fine. And you should be able to cut suede to a length that works well for you.

The fuss factor would be too high for me (I've even sworn off functional buckles on shoes -- made lazy by velcro and zippers). But they are SO good-looking.

Remind us, Suz, what's your tolerance for non-lazy wardrobe items?

Do you think you'd prefer to have a red shoe for every day? So for walking and doing groceries in?

That is another question to ask yourself.

Yes, that is another consideration, Smittie, and one I was mulling over quite a bit yesterday as I left those red beauties in the shop. My tendency is to buy "cross over" summer footwear, i.e. stuff you can dress up or down a bit...but my Okalas are getting to a point of no return (I can probably get a few more wears from both pair, but not much more) so I also need a dressy shoe option for summer.

You can always tie a square not and then a bow. Suede usually stays tied because it's not slippery. Sometimes you just have to say "What the heck"!! and go for it!!

I'm not sure what to say about these. They are gorgeous. My first instinct was "too fussy" but then again, suede shouldn't slip undone as it's textured. I'm sure you could get the ties shortened if you wanted to.

I have tie ballet flats, and they come undone a bit, but it's not often enough to really be an issue. And when I wear them, it's all day, not just occasion walking, which is what I bet you'll wear these ones primarily for.

I guess I'm happy to enable you if your heart is saying to try them.

This issue is a bugaboo for me, too, Suz! I'm constantly taking my shoes off in the entryway of clients' homes, while balancing my instruments and being friendly and professional! I do wish I loved mules, but I don't!

I think the red is gorgeous, but I would want the ties to stay put for the whole day. Also, I don't care for suede covering the heels -- I drive from house to house, and the right heel tends to get dirty from my car. I should add that my car is less than pristine..........

I say try them at home for a a couple of hours as a test!

I'm lazy and wouldn't spend the time to tie a shoe. If the shoe has ties, I look for a side zipper access on the shoe to get them on and off fast.